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San Diego, California, USA


Services and Pricing

Private In Home Training 

$100 for initial consultation, management systems and personalized game plan

$50 each continuing session 

+$25 for multidog sessions


Group Classes 

*In Person & Virtual Attendance Options


"SoCal Pupper Lifestlye" Course

Puppyhood & Adolescence Struggles

Desire for Obedience 

Leash Manners


Mental and Physical Fitness Outlets

Cooperative Care

Neutrality and Socialization

Boundaries and Kennels

$45/single class

$100/3 classes

$300/ 10 classes

3 Class Courses

-Recall Bootcamp

-Joyful Walks

-Fitness Pawtners

-Prison to Palace (Boundaries)

$100/ 3 Class Course each

$45/ Single Class


Reactivity Workshops


Observation and interactive workshop

seeing how games based training

is used for helping a dog with reactivity. 

Enrichment MeetUps

-Puppy Olympics $25

-Mary SUPpins with SUPpups $65

-Photoshoot TBA


DIY Dog Training

These training courses are offered for dog owners that want to take control

of their own training and join the "Gamechanger Community"!

As a Pro Dog Trainer/ Partner affiliated with the Absolute Dog Academy,

I will be available to assist and mentor if you do any of the following courses.


*The Sexier Than a Squirrel 25 Day Challenge $32

*Stop Barking Mini Course $36

*Stop Pulling Mini Course $36

*FREE Rescue Dog Resource Guides


*The Absolute Dogs Training Academy (Ask Me When Doors Open to join!) $40/month

or $65/month to include Absolute Dogs Agility Academy 

Word on the Street is....

We started training..and have had two sessions so far and I have seen such a trememendous change in my pup's behavior. I LOVE that her approach is positive reinforcement as it has made a huge difference in my pup's motivation when we pup and I have built trust between each other and have really grown our relationship! ...We finally have confidence in bringing our pup out with us and are building the foundation for my pup when the baby arrives... I highly recommend Mary Puppins if you want to see great change in your pup

Rianna, Ayce's mom

Affiliates, Training Partners and Resources

Click the picture to access more information and be redirected to the following resources!

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